StorySwag Support and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the StorySwag watermark?

When you have StorySwag Pro, the watermark will be removed from your posts.

How do I change fonts?

You can change the style’s fonts by tapping the button above the text box when it’s selected.

The text animates too quickly and is hard to read.

Try breaking up your text into multiple slides, we find the optimal amount of words on a slide is 10-15 words.

How do I resize my photo / My photo is getting cropped

On the editing screen, double tap on the image, make sure to avoid tapping on the text layer. This will take you to a image edit screen, where you can pinch / zoom / rotate / reposition the image.

Why do Stories have a 3 slide limit while Slideshows have an 8 slide limit?

Stories are limited to 3 slides because Instagram Stories only allows up to 15 second clips. Slideshows can contain up to 8 slides, the maximum for StorySwag.

Why is my Stories upload to Instagram stories cut off?

Instagram stories only allows up to 15 second clips, so each slide in our app takes up around 4-5 seconds depending on the template. To be safe we recommend limiting each story video to 3 images.

Tip: IG now automatically cuts up longer videos added to Stories. To use this feature, use the Instagram app to create a story by tapping the Camera icon in the top left of the home screen. Select your exported StorySwag video and the next screen will automatically split the video.

My uploaded video looks white on my feed

Instagram automatically uses the first frame of the video as its the thumbnail, but you can manually select your own. Follow these instructions on how to set a custom cover thumbnail for your video:

I keep getting DRM warning when trying to add my own music

Are the songs you purchased from iTunes or your own music? If the music is from Apple Music (streaming service) they will all have DRM on them which makes them unavailable to use in 3rd party apps. This is something we do not have control over, DRM is a copyright technology used by Apple to avoid copyright infringement.

Tip: make sure you purchase your song so you have the appropriate rights to distribute the music. You can do this by purchasing the music from the iTunes Store.

I recently replaced my phone/accidentally deleted the app. Can I download it again for free?

You can always download your app again for free. Just make sure you’re logged into the App Store with the same email ID you originally used to purchase the app. More info for iOS -

How do I upgrade to Pro?

The easiest way to subscribe is to select a PRO template, then press export. You’ll see a popup that asks you to start a free trial.

Is Story Swag available for Mac/PC/Desktop?

Story Swag is only available for iOS.

How do I give the app access to my photos/camera?

Go to your device’s Settings -> Story Swag. Then turn the access to camera and photos switch ON.

When I try to add my logo, the transparent part shows up with a white background.

Do you have iPhoto Cloud Library enabled? You can check under your device’s Settings -> iCloud -> Photos -> iCloud Photo Library.

If so, unfortunately it seems to make transparent images have white backgrounds.

We haven’t found a consistent workaround, but sometimes saving your images from Safari helps. So for example you can try uploading your image to Dropbox, then opening in Safari. And saving your image there.

Can I post to my Facebook Page?

Story Swag uses Apple’s built-in Facebook integration which doesn’t let you post to Facebook Pages you manage.

Here’s how you can post to your Facebook Page:

  • Finish your design in Story Swag so it’s saved to your camera roll
  • Download the Facebook app to your phone from the App Store
  • Open up the Facebook app
  • As long as your personal account is connected to your biz page, you should be able to post to the page you manage from within the Facebook app. Make a post and select the image off your phone’s camera roll.

I’m having trouble restoring my purchases.

If you’re having trouble restoring, try this:

  • Go to your device’s Settings -> iTunes & App Store
  • Log out of your Apple ID
  • Go to Story Swag and try restoring purchases. You will be prompted to log in again. If that doesn’t work, please email support.

How do I delete an image from my project?

Go to the image adding screen and single tap on the photos in the grid view on the top of the screen. You will see the thumbnail in the grid get outlined in blue, tap on the x in the top right corner and the image will get removed from the project.

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